Radiation Safety Network

Course ID:  IG-4


Course Name:  Well Logging and Tracer Study Personnel Radiation Safety Course


Course Duration:  24 Hours – Required by regulation/rule.


Course Fee:  $750 per trainee – Fee includes manual


Course Description:

This course is designed to cover all radiation safety training aspects for BOTH well logging personnel using radioactive sealed sources AND tracer study personnel using loose radioactive materials.  The course is centered around a training manual entitled “Radiation Safety Training Manual For Well Logging And Tracer Personnel” written by John R Haygood.  The training manual covers all of the well logging and tracer training areas required by the Texas radiation control regulations and is included in the fee.  The manual covers health physics basics at a low level and includes radiation fundamentals and characteristics, radiation levels and dose, etc.  It covers the basic regulatory requirements regarding safely using, handling, storing and transporting radioactive materials.  It also covers security requirements.  The presentation will consist of 6 sessions using PowerPoint Presentation slides - consisting of at least 479 slides. The slides follow the layout of the above manual.  The training will be conducted at meeting rooms in the Austin area, at licensees facilities, or at meeting rooms near the licensees’ facilities.


Pop quizzes will be given at key times to help the trainees to be able to assess their own progress, but will not be used to determine successful completion.  A 50 question multiple choice/true – false closed book exam will be used as the only measurement of successful completion.  A score of 70% (35 correct answers) will be required to earn a certificate.


Short labs will be used to demonstrate radiation survey instrument operation.  No licensable radioactive material will be used – only exempt check sources.  A few problems will be solved in a lab format.


A training certificate will be awarded to the successful trainees and copies will be forwarded to their employers (licensees).


Certification of HAZMAT training will be provided to meet US DOT requirements.