Radiation Safety Network

Preparation of license and registration applications.

Design and construction of radiation safety manuals to support license/registration applications.

Presentation of the following REQUIRED training courses:

  • 3 day (24 hr) Well Logging and Tracer Studies radiation safety course, required for logging/tracer supervisors by rule.
  • 2 day (16 hr) RSO course (for small to medium programs, although others are welcome)
  • 1 day (8 hr) Moisture Density Gauge (MDG) radiation safety training course.
  • 1 day (8 hr) Spinning Pipe Gauge (SPG) radiation safety training course.
The above courses include the required HAZMAT training, when applicable.

         Special training courses designed and presented upon request

  • Preparation of license and registration applications and design of supportive radiation safety manuals.
  • Performance of inspections, surveys, and safety evaluations of licensee/registrant programs to assure compliance.
  • Assistance with radiation incidents.
  • Design of special security programs and performance of periodic program reviews.


BA, Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 1972

MS, Environmental Science (Health Physics), University of Texas at Houston, School of Public Health, 1979

Texas Medical Physics License Number MP0327 - Specialty:  Medical Health Physics


Retired from the Texas Department of State Health Services, Radiation Control.  Over 35 years of health physics experience in radiation regulatory processes.  9 years of consulting experience.

Contact Info:

     email:  jhaygood@swbell.net

     Phone:  512-551-2153

     Fax:      512-551-2154

     Cell:      512-656-2832

     Location:  Round Rock, Texas  USA

Last update:  December 1, 2013

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